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Welcome to the TorrossaStore, your online bookshop for ebooks, chapters, journal issues and articles.
Choose from over 430,000 full text items, 24,000 ebooks and 770 ejournals by over 200 Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese publishers to enhance your research, studies and reading.
Torrossa Collections
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December 2014-January 2015:
  • New in 2015: Torrossa offers digital content from De Luca Editori d'arte, Edizioni Quasar, SISMEL Edizioni del Galluzzo, Franco Cesati and Sovera Edizioni.
August-November 2014:
  • Encuentro, Libreria Italiana Musicale (LIM) and Mimesis edizioni enhance the Torrossa catalogue with important monographs and journals.
April-July 2014:
    News on the Website
  • Refinement of the search engine
  • Dedicated search field within Publisher's section and catalogue
  • Information notice of items available in parts when publication is unavailable as a whole
  • Sample page available in jpg
January-March 2014:
Updated Archives and Ongoing Collections (view at www.casalini.it/torrossa).
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